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82mm 2B25 MORTAR

Russian 2B25 mortar is used to engage the enemy troops situated both in the open and in uncovered field entrenchments and is effective against personnel wearing individual armour.

2B25 can deliver indirect fire against visible and nonobservable targets from various types of ground both in the day and night time, at ambient temperature -50 to +50 °С.

The mortar has a conventional design and consists of a barrel, a bipod, a base, a sight (MPM-44M) and a single SPTA kit.

Main technical data

Maximum firing range, m


Minimum firing range, m


Max rate of fire w/o relaying, rpm


Elevation, degree


Traverse, degree:
– on bipod
– by moving bipod


Time to transfer the mortar from travelling to combat position and vice versa, sec

30 (max)



Mortar combat weight (w/o platform), kg

13 (max)

The mortar barrel has a firing mechanism and shock absorbers. The bomb is directed to the target by means of a spigot. MPM-44M sight is used to aim the mortar at a target when firing against observed and unobserved targets.
The base transfers recoil energy to the ground and is used to fire from hard soil. If it is necessary to fire from soft/semi-hard soil, the base is used in conjunction with a platform (in STPA kit) to increase bearing area.

The bipod is connected to the muzzle part of the barrel. It provides additional support and serves for setting the required elevation and traverse angles.

The mortar round is inserted into the barrel until the bomb piston situated in the front part of the bomb tail comes in contact with the firing mechanism plate. The firing mechanism is activated with a lever.

When the mortar bomb is shot, the piston starts moving under the pressure of combustion gases capturing the gases inside. Thus, when the mortar is firing there is neither fire nor smoke, and the sound of a shot is almost inaudible.
The unique design of 2B25 mortar and its 3VO35 bomb provides the advantage of concealed operation. The mortar fire attack is not expected by the enemy because of the mortar low acoustic signature, absence of flash and smoke.

2B25 mortar can be transferred from combat to travelling position and vice versa without its disassembling into parts. To short distances it is carried with the help of straps attached to the mortar. To large distances the mortar may be transported in a standard box by any means of transportation or by the crew in a rucksack. Due to its small size and weight, 2B25 mortar can easy be carried by one soldier.

All these advantages make the mortar attractive for Special Forces, especially in counter-terrorism operations.


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