30/08/2016 13:28

ADEX-2016: AZCAN manufacturer of armored vehicles, to display its products at ADEX 2016

AZCAN, a joint venture representing both Azerbaijan and Canada within the security and defense sectors, will display its line of armored vehicles at the second annual Azerbaijan International Defence Industry Exhibition (ADEX 2016) in Baku on September 27-30, 2016. AZCAN specializes in the design and production of a wide range of armored vehicles including SUVs, cash-in-transit trucks, armored personnel carriers and other special purpose military and civilian vehicles.

For its armored vehicles, AZCAN offers special applications and tactical equipment including large spectrum chemical protection, integrated remote weapon control systems, advanced drone and fire detection devices, remote explosives signal jamming and a wide range of riot control and crowd dispersal solutions. AZCAN’s armored vehicles are engineered to provide the utmost level of protection to their operators and passengers as well as meet the highest international standards due to their first-class assembly, certified armor and modern electronic components.

Being the first Azerbaijani-Canadian manufacturer of armored vehicles, AZCAN is one of the show’s key participants. At the large indoor (#2402) and outdoor booths, the company will introduce a new lineup of multipurpose armored vehicles, including personnel carriers and other tactical special purpose units featuring integrated security and defence solutions.

AZCAN has already gained recognition within Azerbaijan by actively building its clientele. Besides individual orders, AZCAN has established agreements with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan and several other governmental agencies. The company’s technical expertise as well as highly skilled and trained workforce allow it to deliver high quality armored vehicles and comprehensive innovative technologies for civilian, special purpose and military use.

“Azerbaijan is a unique country due to its geographical position, human resources and enormous technological potential. By opening a local manufacturing facility in Azerbaijan, AZCAN aims to produce armored vehicles suited to the needs of the state and its neighbouring countries. Our strategic goal is to utilize our Canadian expertise and innovative approach to establish local production of armored vehicles in order to contribute to the Azerbaijani economy by creating employment opportunities and paying taxes,” – said Roman Shimonov, CEO, AZCAN.