30/08/2016 13:35

ADEX-2016: ROKETSAN to display its TEBER, a new generation Laser Guided Kit during ADEX’16

ROKETSAN to display its TEBER, a new generation INS and GPS aided Laser Guided Kit (LGK), during ADEX Exhibition.

TEBER system is designed to increase the probability of hit against a moving target. TEBER is compatible with Mk-81 and Mk-82 general purpose bombs.

TEBER consists of a semi-active laser seeker (SAL), a (body) strake kit that is located in the front section. Tail section has aerodynamic control surfaces, inertial guidance system combined with Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver, guidance computer, control actuation system and thermal battery.

Guidance Modes INS only


INS + GPS + Laser

INS + Laser

Range 2 – 28 km (Depending on release altitude)
CEP – 50 < 3 m
Maneuver Capability 3 g
Moving Target Engagement Up to 100 km/s
Weight  (Mk-82, Mk-81) ~270 kg (595 lb), ~155 kg (345 lb)
Length  (Mk-82,Mk-81) 2650 mm (104’’), 2100 mm (81.5’’)