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ANAMA’s Training and Quality Management services

In 1998 ANAMA was a newly established National Mine Action Authority with limited at that time resources, expertise and a big mission to clear almost a quarter of the country from land mines and ERW. But, the proper surveys, estimation, and a right management and strategy has grown ANAMA to a one of the leading internationally recognized HMA organizations within International Humanitarian Mine Action community.

At the beginning, one of the strategic objectives was to establish a national Training and Quality Management system. So, in 2001 for meeting the national mine action’s training and quality assurance needs ANAMA has established a TSQA-Division. Since its establishment, division has been involved in a number of in-country and overseas training courses rendered through the professional trainers from the UN, US EUCOM, US MARINES, US Defense Geospatial Intelligence School, GICHD, James Madison University, John Hopkins University, Cranfield University, Mines Advisory Group, Armor Group, RONCO, Way Industry, and technical advisors from a number of leading HMA organizations. Division’s staff owns a certificates on more than 30 different training courses. At the moment, TSQAD comprises a core of highly trained and experienced staff with developed competencies in Humanitarian Mine Action (HMA).

Division is responsible for provision of training courses, measuring and improving the quality of certain activities through Quality Assurance, Quality Control and reporting the level of confidence to agency headquarters on an ongoing and completed tasks fulfilled by an implementing units and contractors.

 Training Achievements

 Since 2001 till now the division’s Training and Monitoring Team has delivered more than 153 Humanitarian Mine Action related training courses and trained more than 1552 trainees. 305 of trainees were foreign students.

Since 2009 ANAMA provides training services for international organizations and foreign countries sited below:  besides ANAMA TSQAD used to conduct External Quality Assurance and Quality Control in several regions of Turkey (Gaziantep, Diyarbakir) and Georgia.

Since 2014 ANAMA trains Internal Forces of Azerbaijan Republic on humanitarian demining methodologies. 75 soldiers and officers are already trained and the given knowledge is integrated into their service for public safety purposes.

Training capabilities

   General (Non-technical)Survey Course    –        10 days

Basic Demining Course (first aid incl)      –        25 days

Technical Survey Course                          –        10 days

Land Release Course                                –        10 days

Battle Area Clearance Course                            –        20 days

EOD Course (Level-1,and2)                     –        10-20 days

Team and Section Leader Course             –        10 days

Demining Supervisor Course                             –        10 days

QA and QC Course                                  –        10 days

Instructor Course                                    –        10 days

Field Level Management Course               –        10 days

Mine Risk Education Course          –        5 days

Basic Info. Management Course               –        5 days

GIS Course                                               –        10 days

Mech.  Demining  Integration Course       –        5 days

MDD Integration Course                         –        5 days

Mechanical Demining Operator Course    –        20 days

Water well clearance Course           –        10 days

House Clearance Course                          –        10 days

Medic’s Integration Course                      –        10 days

 Training assets

 The Goygol Training Base is equipped with different type of training aids, personal protection equipment and paramedic services to support the conduct of practical exercises in and out the base. It also possesses a number of ‘state of the art’ training aids, such as extensive range of verified inert munitions, inert cut-away mine and UXO models, various types of mine detectors, ferrous locators, ground penetrating radars, and etc.  For development purposes of the national training and demining capacity, ANAMA purchased 4 sets of very effective electronic Anti-Personal blast land-mine simulators  BT-R200, Anti-Personal Trip-Wire initiated land-mine simulators BT-R300 and IED-R100 wireless improvised explosive device simulators from a Swedish company. These wireless training sets of mine and IED simulators allow instructors to conduct more realistic training and evaluation of existing demining staff.  Mine Detection Dogs and Mechanical Demining Machines (mini & midi flails & EODBOT – Bobcat T250) are also available where needed to complement training in operations integration.



 ANAMA’S TRAINING UNIT:    Internationally recognized “TSQA-DIVISION”   (Holds a State Award)

  • Total number of courses done:  153         (since 2001 to 2014 / including national and foreign staff)
  • Total number of students trained: 1552    (including national and foreign staff)
  • Foreign students: 305  foreign students.
  • Division currently trains: Internal Forces of Azerbaijan,  and Ministry of Defence of Georgia.
  • Division conducted technical advices on humanitarian demining operations in Turkey and Georgia.



Years SN Title of the training course Trained    Organizations Dates  Location

of training


of trainees

2009 1 Integration Course to Humanitarian

Mine Action.



11.06.09 Azerbaijan 3
2 Basic Demining Course

Basic EOD Included


Ministry of Defense

Ministry of Interior.



Azerbaijan 17
3 Quality Assurance and

Quality Control Course


Ministry of Defense

07.12.09 25.12.09 Azerbaijan 5
2010 4 Information Management Course Georgia

Ministry of Defense

21.01.10    29.01.10 Azerbaijan 8
5 Basic Demining Course Turkish company


13.03.10 23.03.10   Turkey  22
6 Basic Demining Course Turkish company


19.05.10 01.06.10   Turkey  10
2011 7 Basic Demining Course Turkish Mechanical & Chemical Industries corporation 31.01.11 24.02.11 Azerbaijan 8
8 Basic Demining Course Georgia

Ministry of Defense



Azerbaijan 33
9 Basic Demining Course Georgia

Ministry of Defense



Azerbaijan 33
10 Battle Area Clearance and Basic

Explosive Ordnance Disposal Course


Ministry of Defense



Azerbaijan 33
11 Basic Demining Course Turkish Mechanical & Chemical Industries corporation 07.06.11 05.07.11 Azerbaijan 10
12 Battle Area Clearance and Basic

Explosive Ordnance Disposal Course


Ministry of Defense



Azerbaijan 33
13 Technical Survey Course Georgia

Ministry of Defense



Azerbaijan 15
14 Methods of Instruction Course Georgia

Ministry of Defense



Georgia 15
15 Site Supervisor Course Georgia

Ministry of Defense



Georgia 15
16 Information Management Course Georgia

Ministry of Defense

12.09.11    16.09.11 Georgia 12
17 Quality Assurance and

Quality Control Course


Ministry of Defense



Georgia 15
18 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Course Level-2 Turkish Mechanical & Chemical Industries corporation 28.11.11


Azerbaijan 10
14 19 FEREX DLG Course Georgia

Ministry of Defense



Azerbaijan 4
15 20 FEREX DLG Course Georgia

MoD – “Delta”



Azerbaijan 4
Total 20

International Training Courses


Organizations trained

     — 305


Quality Assurance – Monitoring

TSQAD instructors conduct continuous QA over the: safety, procedures, equipment, following the SOP, quality of operations, demolitions, logistics, and medical support. Aspects above are approached by observing, recording, instructing and reporting steps. Eventually, all identified problems and shortcomings are reported to ANAMA HQs. Besides the monitoring done in Azerbaijan, TSQAD has been involved in QA in Georgia and Turkey as well.

External Quality Control – Inspections

Division’s External Quality Control Team based on the requirements of IMAS, NMAS, and QA SOP fulfills an external Quality Control (sampling) over the areas cleared by the implementing demining units and NGOs in Azerbaijan. The main purpose is to make sure that the areas are cleared in compliance with the standards and requirements up to the predetermined depth and the land is free from all explosive devices and safe for end users. Normally, all found non-conformities are investigated and resulted with corrective actions.  Besides the QC in Azerbaijan, EQC Team 3 times have been contracted to conduct Quality Control in Turkey.

Scanning Team

For  an  operation’s  in-depth search capacity  building  purposes  ANAMA’s  Director  has  ordered  to  establish  a  2 man “Scanning  team” on  July  1,  2013.  In  present,  ST  is  supporting  EOD  team’s  Battle  Area  Clearance  operations. In cases of absence  of  a  deep  search  requests, then scanning  team  supports   External  Quality  Control  inspections.

Equipment: Ferex DLG,  Ferex API, Vallon D1 and D2.

Scanning  services:

  1. Deeper search with specific types of magneto-meters.
  2. Scanning the area by Data logging methods.
  3. Creating a sub-surface maps by computer analyses.

ST helped EOD teams to avoid thousands of metal scrap.

Non-technical Survey:

Division is also responsible for Non-technical survey.  All of the registered mine and ERW areas are periodically controlled on the probable changes that are often triggered by different factors. Information gathering and topographical methods of survey used for supporting of the land-release missions as well. Moreover, in case of newly found dangerous areas, division conducts landmine impact-survey and provides this information to ANAMA’s Information and Operation departments for further analysis and decision making.

Testing of equipment and procedures

Prior making a decision on purchasing a new piece of equipment, and/or implementing a mine clearance related procedures, ANAMA HQ requests TSQA-Division to test those mentioned above needs. Eventually, a decision on buying a demining related tools and implementing the procedures are normally depended on the trial’s positive results.


TSQAD fulfills preliminary investigations in case of incidents, such as mine / UXO accidents, discovering of nonconformities, damages to property, infringement of disciplinary rules and etc. The objective is to find out the reasons of the problems and prevent the personnel, land’s end user and property from being hurt and damaged. In case of a need, ANAMA Director arranges a BOI and nominates a TSQAD in a role of participant.

Staff evaluations

Upon the request from ANAMA Operations department on staff evaluation, TSQA-Division implements the knowledge and demining skills evaluation of existing field personnel including all field personnel such as Site Supervisors, team/section leaders, deminers, mine MDD and MDM staff. For such evaluations, a division uses various wireless training landmine simulators which buried like a real mines and in case of infringement of SOPs and technical guidelines, those mines send a sound and light signals to the electronic monitors when a mine is initiated. Eventually division provides ANAMA Director and Operations Department on the results of evaluations for further decisions.

Training center of mine action dogs

ANAMA has built national of MDD breeding capacity in December of 2011. The new facility for breeding and early training of puppies was built in Goygol Training base. Up to date, 25 German shepherd and Malinois puppies were born in Goygol Training Center. Since 2011 ANAMA MDD training and breeding team trained 25 Mine detecting dogs.


Some of them are deployed to mine clearance operations; some are going through the training and accreditation processes. There are 4 breeding dogs in our MDD breeding and training facility. Based on current needs this is considered as a basic

and appropriate capacity for ANAMA. It facilitates the replacement of retired operational dogs. ANAMA has got a very experienced MDD breeding and training team. The Team consists of a Team leader for Breeding and training, assistant team leader and veterinary. There is a birth room, puppies feeding and washing and playing areas in the facility.

The newborn puppy’s training starts in Goygol MDD breeding and training facility. In the early stage the puppies receive training in the playground area for the 3 month period. After 3 month they are transferred to Fizuli regional base to get more comprehensive training. Undergoing 3 weeks of quarantine regime the puppies start a routine condition of feeding and training.

Here dogs are getting trained under all weather conditions. The training area has two parts: sheltered and in the open air. This gives continued training chance for trainers to train new dogs. Trainers train dogs about 18 month after which ANAMA MDD Accreditation senior officer conducts accreditation based on national and international standards. If dogs pass the accreditation test, then they get deployed for 6 month further training for pre deployment in the operations. This period gives a ground for MDDs and their handlers gain field experience as well as for adaptation to working as a team.

The MDDs which have successfully passed 18 month training and 6 month experience gaining period are being accredited again in ANAMA Testing and Accreditation area in full accordance with the IMAS and national accreditation standards. Since 2011 until now 30 puppies trained by ANAMA MDD breeding and training team, 10 of those were deployed to mine clearance operations.

Today ANAMA has got a very good experience in breeding and training of MDDs for local as well as for international mine clearance operations.

Operations in Turkey

 Starting its operations in Turkey with mine clearance of  Karkamish area at Turkey-Syria border in 2010, ANAMA together local “Nokta Inshaat” company cleared from mines and unexploded ordnance the area of 705.746 sq.m., most of which belonging to the antique city of Karkamish. For its specifications this project was the first one in the history of humanitarian mine clearing that was implemented at the site of antique city without using blast method. By using special technology the project was resulted by founding and defusing of 1176 mines that were buried here since 1950. ANAMA, which participated at various mine/UXO projects in Turkey in 2010-2014, also organized training courses for several companies, including Turkish MKE. Within the project of expanding of Diyarbakir airport, ANAMA (together with Sidar Global company) cleared from unexploded ordnance the area of 1101492 sq.m. of the polygon located close to the Turkish Air Forces. During the operation, 16.912 UXO were defused from the area. At the same time ANAMA on the basis of the order of ROKETSAN company cleared from UXOs the area of  71.916 sq.m. in 2012. At this operation 407 unexploded projectiles were defused.