28/12/2016 10:56

ANKA-S to be delivered to Turkish Armed Forces in 2017

Delivery of 10 ground systems for the ANKA-S Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), currently being developed for the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), will begin next year and is planned to be completed by 2018 while the qualification process was in progress.

The statement added that the UAV, will have the capability to operate for 18 hours at an altitude of 23,000 feet, and in addition to all the available capabilities, ANKA-S will feature control over satellite (SATCOM TÜRKSAT 4B), communication relay, cryptographic data link, locally developed flight control computer and high-definition EO/IR cameras.

Through its Operation, Simulator and Training Center (OSEM), it will be possible to control more than one ANKA-S UAV system at the same time via the satellite beyond the sight line.

Within the framework of the contract, the delivery of the 10 ground systems is planned to be completed by 2018. The qualification process of the UAV is currently in progress.