10/06/2017 11:10

Anti-Hail system neutralized strong hail related dangers

On 7-8 June, large cloud masses moving from the south-west part of Kakheti region were neutralized by the anti-hail system of LEPL Military-Scientific Technical Centre ‘DELTA, having launched more than 360 anti-hail rockets.

On 7 June, till morning hours, anti-hail system command centre, on the basis of the information received from Meteoradar, detected the frontal could masses moving from the south-east of Kahketi region, told MOD of Georgia.

The fall of the sediment lasted until the morning hours of 8 June and the overall area amounted to 3985 km2. The probability of hail was approximately 80-100 %. The fall of 30 mm hailstones was predicted on the 51 400 hectare.

From 12:40 of 7 June until 06:21 of 8 June, 11 hail producing cloud masses were processed on a step by step basis in Sagarejo, Telavi, Kvareli, Lagodekhi, Signagi and Dedoplistskaro regions.

As a result of the undertaken measures, the smallest hailstones were detected in Lagodekhi region, the most part of the sediment fell in the form of the rain in other regions.