17/08/2017 15:47

Appearance of this weapon in the arsenal of Azerbaijan don’t makes comfort to someone

Recently, some Israeli media outlets publish materials aimed against Azeri-Israel military cooperation. These kind of articles aimed to discredit companies working closely with Azerbaijan in military sphere.

As an example it is possible to mention recent publications about unsuccessful trials of “Zerbe” UAV (originaly name Orbiter 1K) in Azerbaijan with participation of Israeli specialists. Commenting these information, Azerbaijani military expert, editor-in-chief of AzerIDefence magazine Rashad Suleymanov noted that recently, Israeli media publish anti-Azerbaijani articles made by third parties.

“Today Israel occupies second place among military suppliers of Azerbaijan. During last several years this country supplied various tactical UAVs, “Barak-8” and “Iron Dome” air defense systems. But, it seems that, appearance of this weapon in the arsenal of Azerbaijan don’t makes comfort to someone. But it’s impossible also not to mention the competitiveness: other manufacturers also intend to sell these types of systems”, – he said.

Expert added, that Aeronautics Defense Systems company which is mentioned in the articles is one of the biggest and leading UAV producing companies in Israel and in the world and cooperating with Azerbaijan for more than 10 years. Since February, 2011, they produced mini-, tactical and kamikadze type UAVs on a joint venture Azad Systems in Azerbaijan.

“These UAVs were used before and during April skirmishes in 2016. Azerbaijani operators now have required level of exploitation, maintenance and service of these UAVs. According to the proposal of Azeri specialists, these UAVs were modernized and their capabilities were expanded. As for “Zerbe” kamikadze type UAVs, they are identical to “Orbiter” as per design and action principles. They are differs from “Orbiter” only by having additional warhead. “Orbiter” operators can control “Zerbe” without any problem that’s why refusal from operating these UAVs by operator is just a disinformation, because there is no need to invite Israeli specialists”, – noted R.Suleymanov.

He also said that first trials of “Zerbe” were held last year and their results were demonstrated to Azerbaijani president Ilham Aliyev during the opening of first production line in September 2016. Trials in warfare were held on frontline by Azeri specialists and militarians and enemy had massive destructions.

“Orbiters” has several unique advantages. Their engines, electric-optic and navigation equipment and fuselage and software are made with participation of Azeri specialists. Allegations about software was transferred to Azerbaijan by Israel are absurd”, – says the expert adding that according to minister of defense industry Yaver Jamalov, for “Zerbe” cumulative warheads are already prepared.