18/04/2016 14:46

Armenia tries to violate the terms of the agreement

The information about provocation of Azerbaijan on the line of resistance of troops and two wounded Armenian military servicemen in the north of frontline spread out by Armenian media is aimed on gross violation of the agreement on the canceling of military operations.

Thus, based on the agreement gained by participation of international mediators, the search and withdrawal process of corpses remained in the battlefield is to be carried out in this part of the frontline in the morning on April 19, press service Azerbaijani Defense Minstry told AzeriDefence.

By spreading out such information the opposite side once again tries to violate the terms of an agreement, hide the losses the names of which are not promulgated so far and create a base for prolongation of processes.

Such news purposefully spread out by the enemy is groundless. The units of our Armed Forces did not fulfill any military operation for the past day. Our troops just stroked back to the hostile units breaking ceasefire.

It was revealed that the event posted on the report about the injured Armenian military personnel occurred as a result of breach of discipline and the interpersonal relationship.