19/04/2016 09:56

Armenian Armed Forces UAV has been destroyed

Armenian Armed Forces X-55 model unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has been destroyed by our units, while performing intelligence gathering operations over Azerbaijani Army positions, Azerbaijani Defennse Minstry press service told AzeriDefence.

This is the second Armenian X-55 UAV which was shot down at the frontline by Azerbaijani Armed Forces in April.

Note that X-55 UAV is a model of “Ptero-5E” produced by “AFM Servers”. Armenia purchased 5 complexes of “Ptero-5E” from Russia in 2013-2014. Though manufacturing company announced selling of UAV to the Ministry of extraordinary situations of Armenia, last year UAVs were demonstrated at the military exhibition of Armenia defence ministry with X-55 index.