13/01/2017 21:24

Armenian Armed Forces used IED loaded drone on the state border with Azerbaijan

Armenia, aiming at further intensifying the situation on Azerbaijani-Armenian state border using various means during the recent period, has further provoked the situation.

On January 12, Armenian UAV dropped an improvised explosive device on the territory adjacent to the line of confrontation of the troops in the area of Tovuz of the state border.

Use of such unconventional explosive devices, the origin and affiliation of which are unknown has an aim to defeat the military personnel of our units stationed on the frontline, civilians, in particular children living in border towns.

Device primary study held after its decontamination, revealed that it consists of an electric detonator, detonating cord, metal fragments and multiple batteries designed to actuate the device.

Armenian side purposefully uses such devices banned by international regulatory rules, especially in the Azerbaijani-Armenian state border in order to aggravate the situation, forcing Azerbaijan to take retaliatory measures, thereby once again to draw attention of other members of the military-political organization in which Armenia is also presented to the conflict.

Ministry of Defence declares that criminal military-political regime of Armenia bears full responsibility for any incident and its consequences.