31/05/2017 10:22

Armenian Army subjected to fire the Azerbaijan’s human settlements in various directions of the front

Starting from the night on May 30 until the morning on May 31, the military units of the armed forces of Armenia subjected to fire the positions of Armed Forces and a number of human settlements of Terter, Aghdam and Fuzuli regions of the front using large-caliber machine guns, including 82 and 120 millimeter mortars. Military personnel of the Azerbaijan’s Armed Forces and the civilian population did not suffer any casualties.

As a result of adequate retaliatory actions of Azerbaijan’s Armed Forces military units located on forward defense line, the enemy was suppressed.

The Ministry of Defense warns that in case if the military units of the armed forces of Armenia would continue such a provocation again, the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan will be shelling the human settlements in the depth of the enemy’s defense, using artillery systems capable to hit targets at longer distances.