18/03/2017 16:13

Armenians Ministry of Defence the death of 8 servicemen

Armenian Ministry of Defence hide the killing of 8 servecemen during the diversion on the frontline on 1-13 March.

These servicemen were soldiers and officers from 1,2,4 and 5 motorinfantry regiment of 18 motorinfantry division with the headquarters in Hadrut.

All Armenian servicemen were killed on the frontline.

On 6 of March Armenians lost two soldiers at Ashaghi Abdurrahmanli village of Fuzuli rayon. On9 of March one Armenian soldier was killed at  Lalatepe. The same day one Armenian was killes at Yusifjanli village of Aghdam, on 11 of March one Armenian was killed at Khojavand, one – at Lalatepe on 12 of March, 1 at Ashagi Abdurrahmanli, 1 at Garakend village of Aghdam at 13 March in the morning.

It is supposed that Armenian Ministry of Defense hide the names of killed servicemen because of hard political situation in the country. It is forecasted that the names will be revealed after parliament elections on 2 of April.

In order to evade hsrd psycological stress after highlosses in Fuzuli and Jabrayil, the MoD of Armenia sent a group of  first Karabakh war to Lalatepe and Ashagi Abdurrahmanli