30/09/2015 17:05

ASELSAN Introduces its Latest Electronic Warfare Products.

The GERGEDAN™ RCIED Jammer System is designed and produced by ASELSAN to protect against Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIED). This product can be used, with its vehicle integration capability, in convoy protection missions; or, alternatively, in Fixed Installation capability, to protect critical sites and parade grounds from model aircraft/mini-UAV based threats.



The GERGEDAN™ RCIED Jammer System is used for the protection of critical infrastructure, security checkpoints, bases or installations from possible RCIED threats. The newly developed Counter-UAV system allows the GERGEDAN to be used in disrupting the operation of threatening mini-UAV systems or model airplanes that are doing reconnaissance, disruption or attacks against critical installations. The GERGEDAN Fixed Installation RCIED Jammer can be used alone or as an array of jammers to provide full and optimal coverage of all installations.

ASELSAN is marketing its latest GSM-band products for GSM jamming and GSM redirection.

The systems, designed to mitigate the risks associated with cell phone based attacks, can jam cellular signals in areas such as meeting rooms or examination centers to preclude the operation of cell phones, as well as controlling the GSM traffic in critical checkpoints or control locations. The redirection capabilities of the GSM IMSI Catcher System further allow intelligence operatives to analyze the GSM traffic. When used with the assistance of Direction Finding equipment, the GSM Redirection system allows for the quick localization of cell phones.


GSM jamming

In the COMINT domain, ASELSAN has introduced PUHU, its newest, manpack V/UHF Direction Finding System. Deployable by two soldiers in just 20 minutes, PUHU can detect, intercept and find the direction of V/UHF signals. When connected to ASELSAN’s IP based communication solutions, PUHU automatically communicates with other DF systems to accurately fix the position of the target signal. With its proprietary software allowing the automatic decoding and listening of communications signals, PUHU takes its place among ASELSAN’s original line of products.