30/03/2016 20:27

ASELSAN present’s IHTAR – Anti Drone System

Micro and Mini UAV’s also known as drones, has a great enhancement during the last years.   The immense technology advancement in the drones arena leads to vast number of different commercial products with advanced features. Unfortunately, these commercial products is also accessible by the illegal parties, drones become a growing threat that is hard to detect.  To encounter these threats ASELSAN has developed IHTAR system. IHTAR can detect, track, classify and disrupt the threats.

İHTAR, Aselsan’s anti-drone system, aims to  neutralize mini and micro UAV threats in urban and rural environments.

ASELSAN’s IHTAR system consists of mainly Radar, Electro-Optical sensor, Electronic Attack, Tactical Signal Emulator and Command Control systems.

This system has many applications such as;

  • Protection of critical facilities
  • Prevention of illegal border leaks
  • Safety of highly populated events

IHTAR can be operated in mobile of fixed configuration.

Radar detects and track multiple drones day and night in all weather conditions.  Radar has high accuracy and resolution, 360° continuous or sector scanning with adjustable sector width

IHTAR uses GERGEDANTM (Active RF Jammer System) to create protection against all known mini-UAV/model aircraft attacks with its specially designed attenna patterns creating semi-spherical protection umbrella. GERGEDANTM Jammer System covers the whole frequency band and applies jamming against at least Remote Control (RC) Devices, Radios, GPS receivers, Wi-Fi, ISM Bands, GSM900/1800, 3G and 4G. The system is also effective against multiple threats/fleet attacks.

IHTAR can be integrated with ASELSAN’s CHAMELEON (tactical, signal emulator system) to obtain  the control of offending drone by emulating the signals radiated from the RF  controller. CHAMELEON can be used as an arbitrary waveform generator or programmable noise generator. It has the ability to generate both Electronic Warfare (EW) waveforms and civilian communication waveforms with a single waveform generator.


IHTAR’s Electro-Optical sensors, provide the system threat identification and tracking capability.  These sensor is able to operate in different environments (link  high-clutter etc. ) and in all weather conditions.

The system has centralized command and control capabilities with integrated GIS, alarm zones, automatic threat detection and tracking, filtering etc.

General Specs

  • Detecting and tracking multiple UAVs with high accuracy using portable radar
  • Low false alarm rate
  • Recognizing the threats from a distance using tv/thermal cameras
  • Automatic video tracking
  • Directional jamming capability for specific threats
  • Omni directional jamming capability for swarm attacks
  • Software programmable jamming frequencies
  • Requires minimum operator intervention
  • Built-in-Test (BIT) capabilities
  • Operating in all-weather conditions for 7/24
  • Compatible with military standards

IHTAR has flexible architecture, it is easy to integrate additional radar and different type of effectors to the system.