23/05/2017 12:11

AVIC pitches air-cooled AESA radar for JF-17

The Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) 607 research institute announced that it successfully completed the development of an air-cooled active electronically-scanned array (AESA) radar, which AVIC will pitch for the Pakistan Air Force’s (PAF) JF-17 Block-III as part of the fighter’s AESA fighter requirement.

The 607 institute, officially known as the China Leihua Electronic Technology Research Institute (LETRI), reportedly announced the news through WeChat.  LETRI is also the developer of the SD-10 beyond visual-range active radar-homing air-to-air missile in service with the PAF, told “Quwa“.

As per LETRI, its air-cooled AESA radar is a first of its kind. LETRI believes that its AESA radar will help offset the internal space and power limitations of many in-service fighters, providing these aircraft with an AESA radar that is easier to integrate than liquid-cooled systems, such as the competing KLJ-7A offered by the Nanjing Research Institute of Electronics Technology (NRIET).