24/06/2018 20:05

Azerbaijan has bought SOM missile from Turkey

Azerbaijan Air Force (AAF) has bought SOM Cruise Missile from the Turkish company of  ROKETSAN.

According to “AzeriDefence”, SOM missile that is in the armament of Azerbaijan Air Force is demonstrated in the 100th anniversary parade of Azerbaijan Army for the first time.

SOM missile has been crossed the front of tribune on transportation.

It is clear from demonstration, Azerbaijan has got SOM-B1 modified version. This means, Azerbaijan is the first foreign user of SOM missile.

SOM-B1 missile, that is belong to SOM family is used for land and sea targets, has 230 kg warhead, and 250+ km firing range. This missile allow to fighter jets of Azerbaijan Air Force to destroy the targets that is located in behind the frontline with high precision without catching by Anti-aircraft warfare.