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Azerbaijan reviews export possibilities in military optics

“Alov” plant of Optics-Mechanics Production Union of the Ministry of Defense Industry (MODIAR) is specialized for designing and production of optical devices. The enterprise, which has been meeting demand of Azerbaijan Armed Forces for optic devices since 2006, made some innovations in designing and production of such devices. Optical devices produced at this plant are used by various structures of Azerbaijani Armed Forces in the areas of combat operations, difficult climatic and operational conditions.

Universal sight for grenade launchers

Optic sight combination for RPG-7V3 hand grenade launcher produced at “Alov” plant is distinguished from its analogues by being universal. The structure of this optic sight allows to make accurate shot either at daytime or at night. The sight is a combination of QON optic sight and A-100 monocular night-vision device.

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A-100 electro-optic device in this system absorbs the rays of stars and the Moon reflected from the objects during nighttime and after strengthening these rays, it provides vision of the objects. If there is not any light, the device can be operated by using infrared rays. Another uniqueness of the device is that protective cover of the lenses automatically opens/closes while approaching to the user’s eye and vice versa. The device spreads no ray (even infrared rays). When the user approaches his eye to the device the protective cover automatically opens and the device becomes ready for use. Hermetic device is leak-proof even at the depth of 1 meter under the water and can be operated at any meteorological conditions such as 40 degrees above and below zero. The weight of the device, including feeder unit is 1.1 kg. The zoom is up to 2.7x.

The eye of the sniper – STON

The 4-14×50 and 6-24×50 Optic Sight for Sniper Rifle (STON) produced by “Alov” plant allows accurate shooting up to 2,000 meters. These sights can be included as a complement to sniper rifles from 7-62 to 14.5 mm calibers.  STON sights with zoom option from 4-14 up to 6-24 times and equipped with a net is used to define small sized and less appeared aims, define the targeting angle and accurate shooting on long, medium and short range aims. The weight is 1.1 kg, length is 471 sm (6-24×50) and 385 cm (4-14×50). The sight can be used at any meteorological conditions such as 40 degrees above and below zero, rain, dust, dirt and etc.

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Turret and mortar collimators

Turrets and mortar collimators are also among products of “Alov” plant. K-1 type turret collimator produced at the enterprise is designed to provide accurate aiming with optic sight during difficult conditions like nighttime, snowing, raining and mist and smoky weather when observing becomes a challenge. It is also used when natural aiming point is not available. The size of K-1 collimator is 180x135x85 mm and the weight is 1.2 kg, with tripod it is 3.6 kg. The sight can be used at 50 degrees below and above zero in all weather conditions.
MON-44M optic sight for mortar was recently tested in the army of one of the foreign country for import.

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 Faster and more accurate shooting

Collimators – optic sights that allow militants to aim within short period of time and make accurate shots occupy special place among the products of “Alov” plant. Presently, the enterprise is producing various collimator sights for machine guns and sniper rifles. In the near future the enterprise is going to increase the varieties of such products.

Among the products of the plant it can be mentioned RS-M collimator, aiming collimator for cold shooting (SAK), 3x25N sniper rifle sights. RS-M collimator sight designed for accurate shooting from “Kalashnikov” machine gun at any time of the day has the 1x zooming capability. The sight provides targeting of aiming mark got from the light diode and focusing of sight’s optic system on endless. The visible length of aiming mark by RS-M collimator is 5 cm, and 9 cm for 100 meters distance.  The weight of the sight is 200 grams and uses 3V current (via CR 2032 element) and it is attached to the weapon by Picatinny rail. Vertical and horizontal corrections to the aiming line are being implemented by using regulating mechanisms.

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SAK collimators produced at the plant is used for adjustment of optical sights with placement position 60 and 80 mm of any machine guns’ modifications without implementing testing shots.

MP-8T 3x25N sniper sights for fast aiming on medium distances can be integrated to any type of weapon with Picatinny MIL-STD 1913 rail. Special support rail upon the sight allow the installation of torch, laser pointer or illumination device on it. Optic sight has 3x zoom.

Compass prismatic binoculars produced at the plant having 7x and 10x zoom capabilities are used to observe the aim and also to implement tactical operations and control the fire during observation.

The net on right telescope of the durbin containing vertical and horizontal stripes are used to define the distance. The changer of the binocular consists of Potto type prismatic system. The vision angle of the binocular is 7.3 degrees (in 7x zoom version) and 6.5 degrees (in 10x zoom version).

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