12/07/2018 00:23

Azerbaijan will produce brand-new UAS with Israel

Ministry of Defense Industry of Azerbaijan Republic (MODIAR) and the company of Israel – Aeronautics Defense Systems Ltd. have signed a protocol about joint production of  brand-new unmanned  aerial systems (UAS).

The information was given by MODIAR to Azeri Defence.

The protocol was signed during a meeting between Yahya Musayev, Deputy Minister of Defense Industry, and the staff which was leaded by Yedidia Yaari, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aeronautics Defense Systems Ltd. on July 11.

AZAD Systems Co. that was created by MODIAR and the company of Aeronautics Defense Systems, is producing 5 types of unmanned aerial vehicles – Orbiter 2 mini UAS, Orbiter 3, Orbiter 4 smal tactical UAS, Aerostar tactical UAS and Zarba (Orbiter 1K) kamikaze UAS.