04/04/2016 18:42

Azerbaijani Army releases footage showing destruction of Armenian command control post – VIDEO

Defense Ministry of Azerbaijan has released footage showcasing the destruction of a command and staff post of Armenian Armed Forces.

During a counter-attack on Apr. 4, Azerbaijani armed forces destroyed three tanks and eliminated around 30 servicemen of Armenian armed forces, said press service.

Armenia’s military units tried to attack Azerbaijani positions Apr. 4 in the direction of Khojavend-Fizuli districts, according to the ministry. Crushing blows were inflicted on the enemy positions by return fire.

One more enemy battery was destroyed, said the ministry.

Azerbaijan’s Armed Forces fully control the operational situation on the front line and ready to prevent any possible provocation, says the Defense Ministry.

Suffering huge losses as a result of preventive measures and precise strikes carried out Azerbaijani armed forces, Armenian soldiers are fleeing their positions in panic, leaving behind arms and ammunition, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said in a statement on April 4.

As a result of a counter-attack on Apr. 4, Azerbaijan’s armed forces neutralized up to 170 servicemen and 12 armored vehicles of the Armenian side.

“Field engineering work is underway in strategic positions liberated by Azerbaijani forces. Actions of visual exploration of the area and firing correction are being carried out,” the ministry said.