19/02/2016 21:55

Azerbaijani Coast Guard gets new vessel

The new vessel of “Tufan” project (Saar-62 offshore patrol vessels (OPVs)) built in the Center of shipbuilding and maintenance of Azerbaijan State Border Service’s Coast Guard will be added to the inventory.

“AzeriDefence” informs this was said during journalists’ acquisition with SBS Coast Guard.

“Tufan” border guard vessel is equipped with 25 km range SPIKE-NLOS guided rocker system, 1 “Typhoon” and 2 “Mini Typhoon” RCWS, sensors include Elta’s EL/M-2228X radar, a mast-mounted Toplite EO fire-control director, a Furuno navigation radar, and a diver detection sonar.

Vessel also have radar for surveillance of rockets launch from long range. Alongside with it, the vessels is equipped with helipad, electro optic systems for surveillance and control in night, mist and other bad weather conditions.

Note that the first “Tufan” class vessel was given to SBS Coast Guard in September 2015.