26/09/2015 15:55

Azerbaijani Defense Ministry: 4 Armenian soldiers killed, 16 wounded

A heavy and bloody clash erupted as the enemy forces attempted to raid on Azerbaijani positions on Friday,” the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said AzeriDefence.
Azerbaijani soldier Elshan Mammadov was killed, another three servicemen got injured as a result of using high-caliber weapons and 82-millimeter mortars by Armenian military units.
The injured Azerbaijani servicemen received medical assistance and their health condition is serious.
“First aid was provided to them. They are in satisfactory condition. The Defense Ministry leadership extends deep condolences to the family of the martyr and wishes them patience. We promise that the blood of our martyrs will not go in vain as it never did before. The Armed Forces retaliated with rocket and artillery strikes against the enemy, killing four [Armenian] soldiers and wounding 16 more. 10 of them are in serious condition. Subunits of the Armed Forces fully control the operational conditions along the entire line of contact. Any attack by the enemy is decisively intercepted with superior weapons. The Defense Ministry states once again that Armenia’s military-political leadership bears full responsibility for the escalation along front line,” said the MOD of Azerbaijan.