09/11/2015 19:40

Azerbaijani Defense Ministry: “Armenians are worried of increasing development of Azerbaijan-Russia relations”

Civilians, non-military vehicles and facilities never targeted by Azerbaijani armed forces

Some media outlets in Armenia have published ridiculous and fallacious information of a truck belonging to Russia having been allegedly fired at near the Azerbaijan-Armenia state border. It seems the Armenian military propaganda system, which has been undergoing recession, is irritated by friendly, neighborly, and partnership relations between Azerbaijan and Russia, and these relations developing in an upward trend,” the press service Defense Ministry of Azerbaijan told AzeriDefence.

It’s noted that the Armenian side is bothered by Azerbaijan-Russia relations and has therefore sought to soil these relations by blaming the incident on Azerbaijan, the incident which they have deliberately caused themselves.

“The Armed Forces [of Azerbaijan] have never opened fire at civilians, and non-military vehicles and facilities. Therefore, the circulating reports are a lie that is absolutely baseless. It’s yet another unsuccessful provocative attempt made by the enemy,” the Defense Ministry said.