21/09/2015 11:30

Azerbaijani sniper rifles – PHOTO

After the modernization, the weight of “Istiglal-T” version of the IST-14.5 “Istiglal” sniper rifle, which was produced at MODIAR and now being used by Azerbaijani Army, makes 29 kg. 14.5×114 mm calibre “Istiglal-T” for hitting long distance targets is designed to destroy armoured aims.

“Istiglal” which has capabilities of shooting armour-piercing – incendiary bullets (B-32 and BS-41), armour-piercing – incendiary – tracer bullets (BZT-44 and BST), incendiary bullets (ZP) and instant-effective incendiary bullets (MDZ) destructs light hideouts and equipment, visible and camouflaged targets.

The length of 12.7×108 mm calibre “Mubariz” semi-automatic weapon produced by MODIAR for striking light armoured targets is 1,700 mm, the weight – 16.5 kg and shoot periodicity 15 shots.

"Mubariz" anti-material sniper rifle © Azeri Defence

“Mubariz” anti-material sniper rifle © Azeri Defence

7.62×51 mm (.308 Win) calibre “Yalguzag” sniper rifle can be used in such conditions like 93-97% humidity, 50 degrees above and below zero, rain, dust and snow. Parts of “Yalguzag” rifle, which is used in non-automatic – “bolt action” principle are made of resilient aluminium ingot. To ease the targeting during the shooting, the folding buttstock has adjustable side and back parts. Sight range of “Yalguzag” is 1,000 meter and empty weight is 7.2 kg. Sniper rifle has charger with the capacity of 10 bullets and shoot periodicity is 5-10 shots.

"Yalguzag" sniper rifle ©Azeri Defence

“Yalguzag” sniper rifle ©Azeri Defence

The weight of 7.62×54 mm “Yirtiji” sniper rifle operating in the principle of semi-automatic weapon is 6 kg. Picatinny rail upon and at the sides of the turret allows to install tactical accessories on it.

"Yirtiji" sniper rifle ©Azeri Defence

“Yirtiji” sniper rifle ©Azeri Defence