17/11/2015 11:05

Azerbaijan’s air defense able to paralyze any Armenian air offensive

Buk-MB Azerbaijan Air Defence Forces

Azerbaijan’s air defense is able to paralyze any Armenian air offensive.

According to AzeriDefence, Kamal Huseynov, colonel in resignation, former chief of department at Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry told Interfax-Azerbaijan.


Colonel (Ret) Kamal Huseynov

“We have repeatedly faced groundless statements of the Armenian side in media that Armenia can hit the oil and gas, as well as transport infrastructure of Azerbaijan.

If the military and political leadership of Armenia thinks that it can cause a significant damage to Azerbaijan’s infrastructure, it is deeply mistaken. Azerbaijani air defense troops can paralyze any air offensive of this country,” Huseynov said.

The expert noted that the air defense missiles of Azerbaijan are able and do control all objects departing from the Yerevan airport Zvatrnots and other major aerodromes, such as Gyumri, Eribuni, Arzni.
Each object flying from the Yerevan airport and other major aerodromes is observed by Azerbaijan’s air defense.


S-300PMU-2 Favorit (SA-20) division Azerbaijan Air Defence Forces

Armenian side has repeatedly stated the date of launching the Khojaly airport and has repeatedly postponed the launch.

The matter is that the enemy fears to take any measures to launch the airport considering the geographical location of this Azerbaijani city and technical and combat capabilities of the Azerbaijani side.
Yerevan is aware that this will be the beginning of their end,” he said.

Armenian side repaired the Khojaly airport on October 2012. The airport is located in the Azerbaijani territory occupied by Armenians.

In response, the Azerbaijani side declared that these actions are illegal, based on international law, including the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization and stated intention to knock down the airplanes flying to this airport.

Though Armenian side assued that the airport would be commissioned soon, the airport in Khojaly is still inactive.