20/04/2016 12:10

Azerbaijan’s new automatic rifle – AZ-7,62

The new production of Ministry of Defence Industry of Azerbaijan’s enetrprices – AZ-7,62 automatic rifle from EM-14 automatic rifle series  was presented for the first time at DSA-2016 exhibition in Kuala Lumpur.

According to “AzeriDefence”, the weight of 7,62×39 nn caliber automatic rifle is 3,8 kg, shooting range – 1000 metres, capacity of cartridge is 30 patrones and barrel’s life cycle is 10 000 shoots. Rifle is equipped with Piccattini rail and collimator.

Rifle is also eqipped with 6 stepped telescopic buttstock as its predecessor  EM -14. There is also removable second holder in the front part of the arm.

Note that, MODIAR presented for the first time 5.56×45 mm caliber EM-14 automatic rifle earlier in February 2015 during IDEX-2015 exhibition. Design of EM-14 is based on AK-47. But the arm differs a lot from “Kalashnikov” by technological innovations applied in this rifle.


EM-14 (1)

EM-14 (2)

EM-14 (3)

EM-14 (4)

EM-14 (5)

EM-14 (6)