14/09/2015 12:10

Azerbaijan’s sign on drill air bombs

TAB-7, TAB-50 and TAB-100 drill air bombs produced at MODIAR’s enterprises by Azerbaijani military specialists have been introduced to the global market.

This was told to AzeriDefence.com at MODIAR

Bombs, which have unique features, differing from foreign analogues, can be used by any type of aerial vehicle. At the same time, they can be used several times. The length of popular TAB-50 version of this product which was made for teaching the staff of Air Force to bomb in the daytime and at night, is 1,095 mm, calibre – 203 mm, speed – 144 km.ph at the altitude of 2,000 m and 21 mps while launching from the aircraft and the weight is 50 kg.

The bomb includes tracer, lightening and smoking patrons. White smoke generated by the bomb while hitting the ground at daytime and white illumination at night allows observer to see the place where the bomb hit. Tracer patrons allow to see the direction of the bomb in the air.

MODIAR producing various types of combat and drill aviation bombs after implement in modernization activities. At present, Azerbaijan is manufacturing QFAB-25, QFAB-50, FAB-100, FAB-5075, QFAB-100, QFAB-250, QFAB-500 combat air bombs. QFAB-100SAB (guided) air bombs, which are being tested, have been equipped with GPS and GLONASS navigation systems. These bombs which can be launched at the altitude of 200-10,000 meters has the range of 20 km while launching at low altitude and 40 km while launching at high altitude, 65 km while launched by engine. The bombs make approximately 5,000 splinters during blast and create strong demolishing impact.