15/02/2018 09:48

Belarusian defense companies to take part in UMEX/MST expo in Abu Dhabi

Belarusian developments will go on show at the international expo of unmanned training systems and simulators UMEX/MST 2018 in Abu Dhabi. A joint stand will display the developments of AGAT Control Systems (the managing company of Geoinformation Control Systems Holding Company), KB Radar (the managing company of the holding company Radiolocation Systems), and the R&D Center for Multifunctional Unmanned Systems of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. In particular, the exhibition will feature systems to counter high-precision weapons along with unmanned aerial vehicles and radioelectronic equipment. For instance, the R&D Center for Multifunctional Unmanned Systems will demonstrate the well-known brands: small range UAVs Busel M, and also large scale models of the UAVs Dirizhabl, Burevestnik, Burevestnik MB, Busel M, and Busel M50. KB Radar will present its cutting-edge radiolocation equipment low-flying target detection radar systems Rosa-RB and the three-dimensional radar system Vostok-3D. At the UMEX 2018 expo, KB Radar specialists will also present models of counter-UAV electronic warfare stations Groza-S and the Groza radio communication jammer. AGAT Control Systems will unveil its technology to design software for UAV automatic control systems. The Belarusian delegation will comprise representatives of the State Military Industrial Committee and defense industry. The delegation will be led by the committee’s Chairman Oleg Dvigalev.

He is set to have a number of meetings and negotiations with senior officers of the UAE Armed Forces. The international expo of unmanned training systems and simulators UMEX/MST 2018 will take place at the National Exhibition Center in Abu Dhabi from 25 to 27 February. The event is expected to bring together a lot of experts, researchers, and specialists in unmanned systems.

The forum will be dedicated to innovations, the operation and development of the most advanced unmanned systems in defense, security, and other fields. The participation of Belarusian organizations in the expo will create favorable conditions for further development of Belarus-UAE military and technical cooperation. It will help expand business contacts with foreign organizations, promote the exhibited products in other countries that have an interest in these vehicles, equipment, and technologies. Beltechexport will be the organizer of the Belarusian exhibition.