09/03/2016 11:37

Boeing and Paramount to Collaborate on Light Multi-role Aircraft

Boeing and the Paramount Group, the South African based global defense and aerospace business, have expanded their 2014 agreement to cooperate on an advanced mission system for a variant of the Advanced, High Performance, Reconnaissance, Light Aircraft (AHRLAC).

A high-wing, two-seat aircraft, AHRLAC is designed to incorporate advanced intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities and weapons systems. Boeing will develop an integrated mission system for the aircraft enabling ISR and light strike missions for the AHRLAC safety & security, and military variants. This militarised version will be known as Mwari.

“Working with Paramount, we’ll not only bring a flexible, persistent and affordable aircraft to the international market, but we’ll also be developing world-class technology in Africa,” said Jeffrey Johnson, Vice President, Boeing Military Aircraft , Business Development of Boeing Defense, Space & Security.

“This is a momentous milestone in AHRLAC’s evolution. The multi-role aircraft will become a significant player in the global aerospace industry. We believe in the commercial success of the aircraft and its impact on the future of the African aerospace industry by boosting advanced technologies, job creation and skills development,” said Ivor Ichikowitz, Executive Chairman of Paramount Group.