Global Clearance Solutions presents first new platform


Global Clearance Solutions presents first new platform The GCS-100 is the most versatile, compact and easy-to-use Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) platform on the market. The first new machine in a series of three is remote-controlled, it responds to requirements in conflict zones and new challenges around the world, using commercial off-the-shelf More...

08/12/2016 23:04
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DRONEGUN highly effective drone countermeasure

BENEFITS OF DRONEGUN TACTICAL DRONE JAMMER: Effective coverage: Allows for an up to 2km coverage, in a wide range of environmental conditions Portable: Rifle shape with a backpack, one person operation Easy to More...

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Elbit Systems Reveals ReDrone

The new system meets growing global demand for affordable and effective airspace protection against hostile drones. Elbit Systems will reveal at the Israel HLS & Cyber Conference, taking place this week in Tel More...

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Elbit Systems Presents Groundeye

A New Revolutionary Line of Advanced EO Ground Surveillance Systems For Wide-Area Focused and Persistent Intelligence Gathering. The line of systems provides a unique, overall situational awareness of “on-the-ground” More...

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SpectroDrone by LDS: Drone-Operated, Laser-Based Explosive Detection System

SpectroDrone is the world’s first sensor system capable of detecting explosives, Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and other chemical compounds from a safe, standoff distance. Following extensive testing in More...

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FNSS and PT Pindad, Completes Conceptual Design of the Modern Medium Weight Tank

FNSS of Turkey and PT Pindad of Indonesia have advanced on their Joint Development Modern Medium Weight Tank (MMWT) project. The conceptual design of MMWT has been completed and reveals during Indo Defense 2016, More...

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New armored off road vehicle KrAZ-Hulk

A new 4х4 non-standard model has been added to the family of KrAZ heavy armored off road vehicles. Hulk that has the design never used on this lineup has joined Hurricane, Shrek and Fiona. New armored vehicle is More...

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Sniper rifle – YALGUZAG 

Throughout the ten years of its activity, the Ministry of Defence Industry of the Republic of Azerbaijan has been the supplier of choice for a significant portion of the firearms, spare parts and ammunition requirements More...

Truvelo July 2012 070
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CMS 20x42mm – new sniper rifle Truvelo

The CMS 20x42mm was designed from inception to be a lightweight, easily transportable anti-materiel applications rifle. A flat trajectory ensures target engagement not easily achievable with a LV/MV 40 mm Granade More...

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Compact BUR grenade launcher by KBP Instruments Design Bureau is adopted

Specialists of the KBP Instruments Design Bureau produced the smallest in the world reusable BUR grenade launcher. It has successfully passed state tests and has been taken into service. The total length of the More...