27/11/2015 22:48

Combat exercises of Azerbaijani Air Defense Troops was held

Under the order of Defense Minister Colonel General Zakir Hasanov, the Air Force and Air Defense Troops of Azerbaijan have been put on alert as part of exercises.

Woken up with a sudden alarm in a way closest to the real combat conditions, the personnel were put to the test on their combat capability and practical skills. Readiness of military equipment was also checked, the press service Defense Ministry said on Nov.27.

At the training center, the combat mission assigned to air defense troops was fulfillment with the involvement of 9A33BM-3 OSA (SA-8 Gecko) anti-aircraft missile complexes.

According to the exercises’ scenario, a conditional enemy, which violated the airspace, was detected and taken under control. A group of small-size objects flying at a low attitude was destroyed with missile strikes.

All tasks were successfully fulfilled during the exercises and the leadership of the Defense Ministry highly praised the combat readiness, combativeness and interaction of the personnel.