24/06/2016 22:42

Defence Minister observed the live-fire stage of operational and tactical exercises

The live-fire stage of operational and tactical exercises with all the arms and services held in frontal zone on June 22.

The main objective of the exercise was to improve the skills of command of formations and military branches in command and control and also combat systems, as well as improving coordination and interoperability of combat elements in difficult conditions of modern combined arms battle.

The exercises involved about 25,000 servicemen, more than 300 tanks and armored combat vehicles, more than 100 rocket artillery launchers, up to 40 military aircrafts and more than 30 air defence systems and Special Forces units.

At first, Defence Minister Colonel-General Zakir Hasanov visited the command post and gave appropriate instructions to the commanders and chiefs of staffs of formations and units related to the activities of the exercise scenario and listened to the reports.

Then the stage of tactical action with live-firing has been started. According to the exercises, the front lines of hypothetical enemy and our units have been demonstrated with the use of signal mines. During the exercise, according to the decision to conduct offensive operation, the fire preparation of an attack was planned by the three fire attacks. Tanks and armored fighting vehicles, derived on the tangent sight, mortar batteries, self-propelled artillery battalions, a battery of heavy flamethrower systems and other artillery units were involved in the first fire assault. The second fire assault was carried out with participation of the military aviation, and attack aircraft, fighter jets and attack helicopters of the Armed Forces participated in this fire assault. In the third fire assault the tanks and armored fighting vehicles, derived on the tangent sight, mortar batteries, self-propelled and reactive artillery battalions joined the exercise.

After the fire preparation the tactical groups of companies breaking through the defenses in three directions, seized the strongholds of hypothetical enemy. After taking firing positions behind the antitank and antipersonnel obstacles set up in the depth of enemy’s defence, these groups covered engineering equipment opening passages through these obstacles with all their firepower, while ensuring entering the companies of second echelon into the fight. In the next stage of the exercises the opening passages in the mined areas of the enemy was observed. Transferring of tactical assault groups to the mountain passes was made by helicopters. The landing of tactical assault groups was supported by combat helicopters. In the final stage of exercise the movements of troops and military weaponry, as well as the change in position were also observed. Evacuation was made by helicopters.

Highly appreciating the exercises Defense Minister, Colonel-General Zakir Hasanov emphasized that taking into account strong defence system of hypothetical enemy, the exercise was conducted with the extensive use of new technological means and weapons available in service. The Minister said: “According to the tasks of the General Staff, the exercises were held in conditions close to the real fighting. The artillerymen, tankers, infantry fighting vehicles and pilots acting in conjunction stroke all targets with the high accuracy and have completed all their tasks in the highest level. In addition, during the exercise the ability to bring the troops into a state of high combat readiness and holding their regrouping measures, as well as issues of military and logistical support were verified and all these will be analyzed more deeply”.

A group of distinguished servicemen were awarded at the end of the exercise.