28/11/2015 19:51

ECA Group provides for Mine Counter Measures AUV and ROV equipment to Kazakh Naval Forces

ECA Group teams have completed the training of the Kazakh Naval crews to operate their new mine counter measure equipment: two A9M autonomous underwater vehicles, two K-STER I inspection vehicles and several K-STER C Expendable Mine Disposal Systems.

To support the Kazakh Naval Forces in the use and the maintenance of this AUV and MDV based equipment, two weeks of On-the-Job training session have been organized in premises of ECA Group in Toulon (France).

Theoretical courses and practical exercises have been dispensed by ECA Group experts to the crew for a first experience on each system then several days were spent at sea to provide the full operational readiness on the shipset.

The Kazakh Naval Forces crew has successfully passed the exam and have been awarded a diploma at the end of the training session.