23/02/2017 21:30

EDIC and its Group Companies sign contracts exceeding 1 Billion AED with GHQ of UAE

Emirates Defense Industries Company (EDIC), the established integrated national defense industries platform, has concluded its 5th day at the International Defence Exhibition (IDEX 2017) in the capital with the UAE Armed Forces announcing major deals, exceeding 1 Billion AED with EDIC and its companies.

Through its strategic partnership with IDEX 2017, EDIC has emphasized on its leading role in the nation’s defense industry that has highlighted its contribution to the latest developments in defense technology.

EDIC has featured a total of 12 companies in its largest stand in the exhibition, showcasing the latest developments and innovations from the manufacturing, mapping, maintenance, repair and overhaul, communications, logistics, training and technology development sectors.

NIMR Automotive, a defense vehicle manufacturer providing a portfolio of products to address the various needs of armed forces and internal security organizations around the world has agreed to provide the UAE Armed Forces with 4×4 “NIMR” Tanks.

The National Leader in the provision of value-added mapping, geospatial services in GIS solution “Bayanat” has renewed a 5 year contracts with UAE Armed Forces to license software and the production of spatial information.

Horizon Flight Academy that offers flight training for military and civilian customers within the Middle East has signed an agreement with the UAE Armed Forces to train and develop its pilot’s skills.

The UAE Armed Forces has signed an agreement to purchase weaponry from Caracal International the region’s leading original equipment manufacturer and small arms manufacturer.

UAE Air Force and UAE Air Defence Force signed an agreement to purchase ammunitions from the newly established “Barij Munitions” a manufacturer of all ranges of ammunition, ranging from Small Arm ammunitions, Infantry ammunitions, Artillery ammunitions and Air Craft ammunitions.

A provider of maritime goods and services Naval Advanced Solutions (NAS) signed an agreement to develop the UAE Navy’s Marine Meteorological Systems.

IDEX 2017 was an ideal platform, as International partnerships are a critical part of EDIC’s success, and EDIC companies already work in close collaboration with several leading global defence companies. EDIC will give its partners a great opportunity to grow the business in the UAE and across the region.