05/06/2018 11:54

Eurosatory 2018: Aeronautics Group to present line of UAS and VTOL

Aeronautics Group, a leading UAS manufacturer, will present its wide range of comprehensive defense solutions and UAS platforms at Eurosatory 2018. The company will present its newest UAS – the multi-mission Orbiter 4, which can carry and operate two different payloads simultaneously and has endurance of up to 24 hours.

Aeronautics line of UAS includes Dominator XP, Aerostar, and state-of-the-art Orbiter UAS. The Orbiter family includes the Orbiter 4 multi-mission STUAS, the Orbiter 1K loitering unmanned system, Orbiter 2 Mini UAS and Orbiter 3 STUAS.

Aeronautics Group’s unmanned aerial systems are deployed in more than 50 countries and provide high-end solutions for Defence, HLS and Civil markets. Aeronautics systems are ideally suited for land, sea and air operations, and, as mature solutions have already accumulated hundreds of thousands of operational flight hours worldwide.

In the face of the increasing internal and cross border threats that Military, law-enforcement and security-forces are coping with, Aeronautics offers a multitude of cutting edge sensors integrated on board its UAV platforms as part of its comprehensive protection suite. We offer an end-to-end solution for detection, localization and persistent coverage and monitoring of threats – generating an accurate, real-time situation awareness picture, distributed to all users.

Aeronautics’s UAV’s, integrated with advanced SIGINT, VISINT and COMINT sensors, extend the coverage range and minimize exposure of the operating forces:

  • Anti-drone detection and localization capability – protecting sensitive, strategic facilities and events
  • Cellular interception sensor – overcome ground intelligence collection constraints and LOS limitations, while expanding coverage and ensuring covert operation.
  • Advanced XR electro-optic payload
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)
  • Maritime patrol radar (MPR)

Amos Mathan, Aeronautics Group CEO

For the end user it means that an ISR mission, of target identification, incrimination (VISINT) and monitoring (COMINT) can be accomplished with a single, easy to use, and cost effective system.

Aeronautics’s solutions are ideal for Defense, Homeland security and civil missions, as well as for Special Forces and special missions.

The highlight of the EUROSATORY exhibition will be the Orbiter 4, a system that offers high transportability, and operates in a variety of terrains, requiring no landing strip. The Orbiter 4 UAS advanced technological capabilities include the ability to carry and operate up to 24 hours with 2 payloads. The system’s payloads are: the Maritime Patrol Radar (MPR), a cellular interception sensor that is fully operational throughout the mission under GPS denied conditions, the Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), and Controp’s advanced XR electro-optic payload.

Amos Mathan, Aeronautics Group CEO: “Aeronautics Group develops innovative yet cost-effective solutions, which offer maximum abilities with minimum constrains. We offer our defense and civil customers small tactical airstrip independent UAS with high performances and a small logistic footprint. Aeronautics group provide comprehensive solutions comprised of UAV, multi rotors, aerostats, radars, and many other different sensors, that can be integrated together to one command and control center”.

Dany Eshchar, Aeronautics Deputy CEO for Marketing & Sales: “Aeronautics Group presents highly efficient and cost-effective aerial solutions. The principle of the communality of our products allows us to save money to the customers. In recent years military technologies are developing into many civilian areas, such as logistics, rescue and more. We are pleased about the new cooperation with Vorpal LTD that will add the ability to locate drones to protect compounds and airports”