23/11/2017 15:59

Factory tests of “Barys” 8×8 armored wheeled vehicles has started in Kazakhstan.

Domestic enterprise “Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering” has started factory tests of the armored wheeled vehicle (AWV) “Barys” with 8×8 wheel arrangement.

The armored wheeled vehicle mounted with a stabilized unmanned turret Nefer with 30-mm automatic cannon 2A42 and a paired 7.62-mm “PKT” machine gun, created by the Kazakhstan plant “KAE” producing defense electro-optical products together with Turkish company “Aselsan”.

After completion of the factory tests the AWV will be presented to the experts of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan for military tests in extreme winter climatic conditions. Test program provides for day and night shooting from standard weapons.

The new armored vehicle, which includes advanced technological solutions, is a result of implementation of development projects of “Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering ” LLP in conjunction with the South African company Paramount Group.

This armored vehicle is multifunctional, mobile and meets high requirements of ballistic and mine protection.

“Barys” 8×8 was first demonstrated during the IV International Exhibition of Weapon Systems and Military Equipment “KADEX”, held in June 2016 in Astana.