10/09/2018 13:26

First locally built corvette in Egypt has been launched

The first warship built in Egypt, launching ceremony of the Port-Said Gowind corvette, took place on September 6th, 2018 in Alexandria.

Along with the first ever delivered Gowind corvette, El-fateh, already deployed by Egyptian Navy on many operational theatres, it will contribute to increase the Egyptian Navy Power.

The corvette is part of a strategic and long-term partnership with Egypt. It is the fifth ship designed

by Naval Group, operated by the Egyptian Navy, after the already delivered FREMM frigate Tahya Misr in 2015, the two Landing Helicopter Docks Nasser and Sadat in 2016 and the first Gowind corvette, Elfateh, in 2017.

Hervé Guillou, Naval Group’s CEO declared: “Naval Group is very proud to be part of this longterm partnership with the Egyptian authorities and industry. This ceremony is an opportunity to reiterate our strong commitment to execute all the programs and to equip the Egyptian Navy

with an homogeneous fleet. In addition, Naval Group is pleased to participate in the maintenance and modernisation of this fleet. Naval Group has a long-term presence in Egypt and will remain involved for many years to come in Alexandria as partner of the Egyptian Navy to secure their operations. ”

The 102-meter Gowind corvettes are equipped with the SETIS combat system and the Panoramic Sensors and Intelligence Module (PSIM) in addition to a 76mm Oto Melara gun, vertical launch cells for MBDA’s MICA missile and torpedo launchers.

With a displacement of 2,600 tons, the ships are crewed by 80 persons (including the helicopter detachment) and can reach a maximum speed of 25 knots.