08/11/2017 14:26

FRONTEX holds 23rd International Border Police Conference

On 7 November, Frontex welcomed senior police officers and migration experts from 60 countries to the 23rd International Border Police Conference. The topic of this year’s conference was Ensuring Global Security through Integrated Border Management.

“In today’s interconnected world, we have to increase our cooperation at all levels if we are to tackle not only rising migratory flows, but also cross-border crime such as terrorism and migrant smuggling,” said Frontex Executive Director Fabrice Leggeri. “At the same time, technological innovation is fundamentally changing the way we carry out border surveillance and border checks, helping us to react more swiftly and effectively to crisis situations.”

International experts discussed emerging threats to border security and potential solutions in four areas: evolving security challenges in an interconnected world with an emphasis on countering terrorism; situation monitoring for border management; information systems for stronger and smarter borders; and strengthening border guard capacities.

With its new mandate, the role of Frontex in safeguarding the EU’s internal security is taking centre stage. At the same time, enhanced cooperation between numerous services within the EU’s Member States and countries outside the EU has become essential, making platforms such as the International Border Police Conference more important than ever. Participants agreed that the conference provided a new impulse for a vital exchange of views, ideas and practices, many of which can be adapted for use in countries all over the world.