26/09/2017 16:33

GCS-100 platform has received conformity certificate by CROMAC CTDT for operation in humanitarian demining activities

Global Clearance Solutions (GCS) has proved again being the leading manufacturer of the remote-controlled mechanical demining machines.

Our smallest platform, the GCS-100 has been tested, evaluated and approved to be used for mechanical demining in accordance with the CWA15044:2009 and IMAS 09.50 for safe, efficient and effective mechanical demining.

  • in all types of soil up to the depth of 16 cm
  • for clearance of all types of vegetation (low, medium and high)
  • for mechanical demining of all types of antipersonnel (AP) mines to the depth of15 cm.

The GCS-100 machine is the most versatile, compact and light mechanical demining platform on the market. GCS-100 outperforms any similar machine and is the only available machine under 3 tonnes that has been certified for mechanical demining.