25/08/2016 23:25

Georgian Didgori AMEV medical vehicle fall short of expectations – PHOTO-VİDEO

Georgian Didgori AMEV (Armored Medical Evacuation Vehicle) vehicles bought by Saudi Arabia faced problem that can put shade on international image for these vehicles during Saudi operation against houthis in Najrana province of Yemen.

“AzeriDefence” informs citing foreign media after houthis’ attack on Saudi army post several vehicles were destoryed.

In the shared video it can be seen that Didgori AMEV vehicles that were purchased by Saudi Arabia from Georgian STC Delta in the early 2016 suddenly broke down. Didgori’s front suspencion suddenly failed leading the vehicle stand immobile. This also lead to the crash with LAV armored vehicle which was moving behind.

Analyses Azeri Defence proved that Didgori AMEV were not ready for such extreme conditions. Technical capabilities of these vehicles are issues for discussion now.

Notice that according to the contract between Saudi Arabia and Georgian STC Delta 100 Didgori vehicles will comply with MEDEVAC standarts.

didgori AMEV

Didgori AMEV feyk (2)

Didgori AMEV feyk (3)