23/09/2015 13:05

Georgian multi-function Unmanned Helicopter

Multi-function unmanned helicopter for military as well as for civil purposes.

Helicopter of mention model is equipped with 2 pc M-134 Minigun type 6 barrel machine gun and 2 pc unguided rockets block.

There is built-in optical-electronic monitoring system located in nose part.

When developing the helicopter, EXEC 162F type helicopter of ROTORWAY production was used as a basic helicopter type.
Spheres of usage:
* Boundary monitoring by usage of radiolocation, optical and IR sensors;
* Intelligence, weapon aiming:
*Radio and other electronic signals retransmission.

Visual control of certain objects;
* Aerophotography;
* Monitoring of irrigation systems in agriculture and dispersion of chemicals;
* Control of irrigation water usage;
* Reveal of pollution in sea water area;
* Reveal of seat of fire in environmental protection sphere;
* Video filming;
* Cargo transfer.





Flight Control Software – Fully Autonomous Flight With Auto-Takeoff And Landing .

Ground Control Software – Included With System and Provides Command and Control and Sensor Data On Screen With Audible Warning System.

Ground control station – Ground control station is used for real-time control of the aircraft, to plan and execute missions, visualize flight status, monitor live video feed, steer the gimbal. Control station is based on two rugged laptops for redundancy and two operator control.

Payload camera gimbal – Dual axis stabilized video gimbal. Available in many different configurations. Included in this proposal in a single daylight camera gimbal  with geolocation, geotracking and video tracking. Additionally IR camera..

Antenna tracker – Dual axis antenna steering mechanism for directing directional antennas towards the aircraft for increased data link range.

Armament – 2 X M-134 Minigun & 8 X unguided rocket missile / 2 X M-134 Minigun & 2 laser guided AT rockets.

Length                                                              6.71 M

Height                                                               2.44 M

Main Rotor Diameter                                        7.62 M

Tail Rotor Transmission                                  Two Stage Belt Drive

Dry Weight                                                      442 Kg

Engine                                                               1 X Rotorway RI-162F 150 Hp

Climb Rate                                                        5.1 m/s

Service ceiling                                                  3048 M

Maximum Speed                                              185 Km/h

Cruise speed                                                     185 M

Operation range                                                152 Km/h

Endurance                                                        2 Hours

Payload                                                            238 Kg

Telemetry                                                          22 Km