14/09/2015 13:27

Georgian new sniper rifle Satevari

Sniper rifle Satevari presents a modular scheme which is designed with exact shooting for working in different distances. This sniper rifle can be used as for military purposes, also as for sport sniping.

There are seven modification of the weapon, with different caliber, purpose and technical data:

  • 308 WINCHESTER – with standard cartridge, for exact shooting in 800 meter distance.
  • 300 WM – with standard cartridge, for exact shooting in 1000 meter distance.
  • 338 GBM – with special sniper cartridge, for exact shooting in 1800 meter distance.
  • 375 GBM – with special sniper cartridge, for exact shooting in 1800 meter distance.
  • 50 BMG – Antimatter rifle for 250 meter distance working.

Each modification is equipped with longitudinal sliding mechanical locking and has mechanical trigger, its strain can be regulated from 0,2 to 1,2 kg.

The Rifle is equipped with behind adjustable support leg (Monopod) and with front shear legs (bipod). On the rifle it is possible to install as Harris Bipods also Versa-Pod Bipod style shear legs.

Special sniper butt is equipped with adjustable butt and with adjustable shoulder rest in two flatness. Riffle also has special sniper ergonomically, orthopedically handle, which easing the management of weapon, also less straining hand muscles that is the prerequisite of exact shooting.

The barrel is ended with active-reactive 5 chambered barrel brakes, which significantly reduces recoil energy which is arising during shooting.

Cartridge delivery system is two types: with classical scheme cartridge clip and with sole charge.

For customer, before delivering the weapon, in each ready exemplar individually are carried out special work by master, which provides higher accuracy before standard serial model.

Caliber Total length/mm Barrel length/mm Weight/kg Shooting dist./m
.308Win 1160 600 5.5 800
300WM 1200 660 5.5 1000
300NM 1220 660 6 1400
.338LM 1220 690 6 1200
.338GBM 1250 690 6 1800
.375GBM 1250 690 8.5 1800
.50BMG 1300 730 12 2500

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