07/02/2017 12:07

Global Clearance Solutions launches second unmanned EOD platform

After the launch of the GCS-100 in December 2016, Global Clearance Solutions (GCS) has launched today the GCS-200, an unmanned and remote-controlled Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) platform. It is designed for various missions involving the clearance of hazardous items in high-threat scenarios.

The all-rounder of EOD platforms

The GCS-200 focuses on its multi-purpose usability against Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and other forms of explosive threats. It serves its purpose on route, area, landmine and runway clearance operations. The standard three-point hitch guarantees a wide range of attachments, such as:

  • Tiller (clearance of AP and AT mines)
  • Flail (clearance of AP and AT mines)
  • Manipulator arm (clearance of IEDs and heavy ERW)
  • Dozer blade (earth moving, removal of obstacles)
  • Fork lift (handling of heavy objects)
  • Runway flail (destruction, collection and removal of hazardous items, incl. UXO)
  • Runway clearance system (collection and clearance of cluster munitions and debris)

A specifically designed operator cabin is also available that facilitates the safe and effective utilisation of the remote-controlled GCS-200.

The right tool for the right task

GCS employs a coherent product strategy for all three systems: field-proven and reliable platforms combined with standard as well as customised attachments. “Today’s conflict theatres pose an unprecedented threat to security forces and civilians. The GCS-200 is to serve as an indispensable tool to accelerate the clearance operations and render the contaminated areas safe again, thus reducing the risk to human life. We have invested a lot of resources to develop the most advanced and innovative range of products for a wide range of EOD appliations,” commented Philipp von Michaelis, CEO of Global Clearance Solutions.

Unique benefits

The GCS-200 is equipped with ballistic protection and a V-shaped hull to help dissipate mine blasts. It features a number of innovative and unique advantages, such as:

  • Maximum survivability
  • Multi-purpose capability
  • An automatic transmission for operational flexibility
  • Optimized maintenance and serviceability

About Global Clearance Solutions

Global Clearance Solutions (GCS) is a leading company in the security industry and a provider of safe, reliable and cost-efficient mechanical solutions for the disposal of landmines, Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and other remnants of war, as well as for runway clearance. GCS’s products are comprised of a platform and an attachment that can be changed quickly depending on the use. These attachments range from a manipulator arm for IED clearance to a tiller attachment for destroying landmines. GCS currently has over 50 experienced employees, with headquarters in Freienbach, Switzerland and a production facility in Stockach, Germany.