14/04/2016 23:27

HAROP made 6 precise shots in Karabakh

All 6 shots made by were successfull, “AzeriDefence” reports.

6 shot destroyed important objects of Armenians and killed many of their militants.

The first shot of HAROP destroyed the bus, carrying volunteers from Syunik rayon to Karabakh. As a result, 7 people were killed. There is no information about other volunteers who were in this bus.

Other shots of HAROP destroyed 2S3 Akatsiya artillery while loading, manpower during  hooch in the inner parts of Karabakh (alongside with the building for escape), air defence units of Armenians, assembly point of enemy and military runway at air base,

Note, that HAROP loitering munition is equipped with electro optic camera as UAVs. It is capable to stay in flight for many hours and can transfer images online. Presently, Azerbaijan is the only user of these loitering munitions with long endurance among post soviet countries.

The speed of HAROP is 185 kmph, flight duration – 6 hours, flight distance – more then 1000 km, weight – 135 kg. HAROP can carry 13/33 of munition load.