12/02/2017 23:38

IAI introduces the Heron TP-XP UAV at the forthcoming Aero India Show

IAI will introduce the Long-Range Long-Endurance (MALE) Heron TP-XP at the forthcoming Aero India show in Bangalore, India. The Heron TP-XP is a special export version of the Heron TP, which has been in service with the Israel Air Force since 2010. The Heron TP-XP constitutes a multitasking, multi-payload strategic air superiority aircraft, integrating the most advanced of IAI technologies.

The Heron TP-XP is the latest member of the Heron family, a significant advantage to Heron clients worldwide, and operates within the same operational concepts, which are based on the knowledge and experience accumulated in IAI for over 40 years, with 1,500,000 cumulative UAV flight hours and over than 50 operational clients.

The Heron TP-XP is characterized by safety and reliability standards which are among the highest in the world, and is capable of operating in extreme weather conditions. This UAV also meets accepted world standards and complies with STANAG 4671.

IAI has many years of experience in the UAV field in India, in full partnership with local defence industries. The company is constantly promoting local production and transfer of technologies, and is working hard to further strengthen and deepen the relationship in the future. Heron TP-XP is an important element for IAI in this ongoing cooperation.