08/06/2016 16:58

IAI’s Bird Eye 650D STUAS enters serial production

In response to increased orders from multiple customers, IAI has begun serial production of hundreds of Bird Eye 650D Small Tactical Unmanned Aerial System (STUAS). The Bird Eye 650D, designed for military and paramilitary intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), can conduct autonomous missions including point takeoff and point recovery, at ranges of up to 150 km and endurance of up to 15 hours. Commercial applications for the Bird Eye 650D include mapping, monitoring oil, gas and electrical distribution lines, management of water and pollution over land and maritime areas, and rapid surveillance of disaster areas.

Designed for operations at the tactical level, the Bird Eye 650D is an affordable system that requires a small logistical footprint, simple operation, short reaction time and high mobility. Bird Eye 650D is a generic platform that can be easily configured with different payloads, including electro-optical gimbaled payloads covering different spectral bands, and passive RWR/RWL electronic countermeasures (ECM). Bird Eye 650D can conduct precision electronic warfare by deploying communications jamming (COMJAM) close to the enemy, thus minimizing interference with friendly forces.

“Bird Eye 650D is the most advanced product in the STUAS category,” said Baruch Bonen, vice president and general manager of IAI’s MALAT division. “IAI developed the Bird Eye 650D as a versatile platform that can be successful in both the commercial and military markets, given the wide range of applications, ease of use and affordability. We are excited to begin full-scale production.”

Bird Eye 650D Specifications

  • Mission Radius: 150 km
  • Mission Endurance: +15 hours
  • Service Ceiling: +15,000 ft.
  • Cruising Speed: 40 kt.
  • Maximum Speed: 80 kt.
  • Gross Takeoff Weight (GTOW): 30kg
  • Maximum Payload Weight: 5.5kg
  • Wing Span: 4 meters
  • Propulsion: Gasoline Engine