18/04/2017 18:10

Iran displays Sayyad-3 long-range missile in parade

The Iranian Army displayed a broad range of defense equipment in a military parade in Tehran on Tuesday, including Sayyad-3 (Hunter-3), a homegrown long-range missile used for air defense.

Various military hardware were put on display in the massive parade in south of Tehran, held to mark the National Army Day.

Among the gears unveiled for the first time was Sayyad-3, a long-range air defense missile designed to hit high-altitude targets.

Other military equipment showcased in the parade included S-300 air defense missile system, Zolfaqar tank, personnel carriers, cannons, a wide variety of missiles, radars, missile defense systems, speedboats, torpedoes, military vehicles and bombs. Elsewhere, in the country’s southern and northern waters, the Navy’s warships, destroyers and frigates sailed across the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea for parades. / Tasnim News Agency