05/03/2017 00:16

Iran Test-Fires New Torpedo from Qadir-Class Submarine

The Iranian naval forces test-fired the country’s latest torpedo product, Valfajr, during the massive wargames underway in the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman on February 28.

The Iranian Navy’s Qadir-class submarines (which are equipped with sonar-evading technology and can fire missiles and torpedoes simultaneously) searched and traced hypothetical enemies’ targets using advanced radar systems and then destroyed them by firing Valfajr torpedoes.

Also, the Navy’s anti-submarine helicopters used tracking systems to detect subsurface targets in the drill zone and blew them up with their optimized torpedoes, told Fars news agency.

The Iranian naval forces conducted a mine clearance operation during the massive ‘Velayat 95’ wargames on Monday, using sonic and magnetic demining devices.

Mine sweeping and defusing by means of sonic and magnetic equipment and devices requires complicated technology that was just mastered and owned by the big powers, but the Iranian military joined the club in practice.

During the exercise, the operating units on several helicopters cleared mines from vast stretches of water in the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman.