05/03/2017 00:22

Iran Tests Russian-Made S-300 Missile Defense Shield in Drills

The Iranian military forces tested a Russian S-300 air defense system that has been recently delivered to Iran during a series of wargames, codenamed ‘Damavand’, on Saturday.

The S-300 defense system was test-fired in the presence of the Iranian military and government officials with the aim of assessing its performance, using multiple flying targets and missiles, told Fars news agency.

Another goal pursued by the drills was assessing the S-300 system’s capability in confronting targets which enjoy a low radar cross section and ballistic threats, as well as the Air Defense forces’ ability to use the defense shield.

During the wargames, different stages of detecting, tracing, tracking and intercepting enemy threats by the S-300 were assessed in an electronic warfare scenario and the targets were all destroyed by the missile system.

After the removal of sanctions, Russia delivered S-300 air defense systems to Iran under the existing contract.