27/10/2015 14:40

Iran Unveils 16 New Defense Electronic, Radar Projects

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan unveiled over a dozen new defense products and achievements on Monday.

General Dehqan unveiled 16 new defense projects of SAIran Electronic Industries (Shiraz Electronic Industries) Company in the Southern city of Shiraz, told Fars news agensy.

The most important projects unveiled during the ceremony included a Radar system with the capability of tracking different semi-heavy and heavy weapons and providing the global positioning system (GPS) specifications for taking action during electronic warfare, Qamar 3-D search and control radar system with the capability of tracking different kinds of targets, including fighter jets and drone, up to a distance of 450 kilometers at different low and high altitudes and transferring the relevant data to the air defense network and Absar video-imaging system which can be mounted on fighter jets and drones.

General Dehqan also inaugurated the production line of air and airport navigation systems, including Multilateration (MLAT), ELINT (Electronic signals intelligence) and Communications Intelligence (COMINT) systems.

“The most important achievement of today is the manufacture of different radars which can identify and track threats and defend the country,” General Dehqan said, addressing the unveiling ceremony.

He reiterated that the SAIran Electronic Industries Company has mass produced different radar systems that can cover a range of objects in distances up to 500 kilometers.

General Dehqan pointed to the indigenization of the navigation systems of warplanes as another achievement of SAIran Electronic Industries, and said, “We have made outstanding advancement in area of software production for confronting enemies’ electronic warfare.”