28/09/2017 21:35

Kalashnikov Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Received Best-In-Class Characteristics

ZALA AERO GROUP, a member of Concern Kalashnikov of the Rostec State Corporation, designs unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for airborne surveillance under unfavourable external conditions at any time of day or night with online transfer of video signal. One of the best models developed by the company is tactical system for unmanned airborne surveillance ZALA 421-16Е5.

This UAV weighing approximately 30 kg is capable of ascending to the altitude of up to 3.6 km. Besides, ZALA 421-16Е5 is highly-autonomous and mobile: flight duration is 6-7 hours, operating distance is up to 150 km, and the territory surveillance system coverage is more than 21 thousand square km with a single launch. Design of ZALA421-16Е5 has compartments for installation of special equipment weighing up to 50 kg, for example a combined thermal and video camera capable of image magnification, an aerial surveying camera or electronic warfare equipment.

For the first time in Russia an unmanned aerial vehicle has fully redundant main systems ensuring flight safety. Initially the vehicle was equipped with an electric motor, but at the “Army-2017” Forum ZALA AERO GROUP demonstrated its unmanned vehicle equipped with an internal combustion engine to be used as replacement for its electrically driven equivalent. Thus, the company succeeded in increasing the flight duration up to 20 hours. The UAV is launched by an electronically operated mobile pneumatic launcher from unequipped platforms which is an advantage that distinguishes it from other, aerodrome-based vehicles.